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How to withdraw cash from a Bitcoin ATM in Prague without revealing your personal information?

Author: LB 2020-08-22 144

Having experienced the cumbersome phone number verification process of the Bitcoin ATMs in Budapest, I was surprised at the machines in Prague, because you do not have to any kind of verification when using Bitcoin ATMs in the Czech capital. Just find a two-way cryptocurrency ATM in Prague and you can withdraw cash in exchange for your real world money.

So on my first day in the Czech capital, I paid a visit to a Bitcoin at on Prague's busiest location, the main train station. The Bitcoin ATM I found there was a bit old and it did not have cash withdrawal options. Well if you only want to purchase cryptos for cash, then this is not a big issue. The device supports many languages, such as Czech, English and even Japanese, which was a surprise for me.

But I was also curious whether it is possible to withdraw cash in Prague from these machines. So when you try to search for cryptocurrency ATMs in Prague using Google Maps for example, you will find a few locations, but you don't know whether you have found a two-way machine or if it is a one way machine.

You can use to following map to locate a Bitcoin ATM in Prague that supports withdrawal:

The device is located in a delivery point operated by the Czech alza. It might be the best to come here by car, however I did it on an electric roller from Xiaomi.

Bitcoin ATM in Prague at Alza.

If you enter the store, you will find the ATM on the left:

Bitcoin ATM in Prague.

Withdrawing cash is an easy process. You have to act in the same way as you would do it in Budapest or in Vienna. However, there is a huge difference. And this is anonymity. Or in other words, unlike in Budapest you don't have to register your phone number when you want to withdraw cash using this ATM.

So first of all, let's choose the "Sell" option because we want to sell our Bitcoins to the machine, right? The amount can be altered in 1000 Czech crown units. I tried to lowest possible amount and the machine displayed the required BTC amount, You can also see that there is a fixed fee for this transaction and you have to keep this in mind when using this machine. So the next step was to use my wallet application to scan the QR code on the receipt and send these BTC to the given address.

Withdrawing cash in Prague.

So I took the receipt from the machine and acted as expected. The receipt was in Czech, I understood none of if, but as I have already used these machines in Budapest and Vienna I knew what to do.

Successful transaction and a receipt.

I set on a bench outside of the store and started drinking some Low-Tatra milk while I was waiting. By the way you have the option to register your phone number and in that case the operator would send you a short message, but I didn't do that so I had to wait for a little while.

This is the receipt.

I returned and I chose the “Redeem Ticket” option, because I felt that my transaction had already been validated.

Choose the Redeem Ticket option.

So now you just have to scan the QR code on the receipt and the ATM should dispense your Czech cash.

Withdrawing cash in Prague.

So that was it. I think withdrawing cash from a Bitcoin ATM in Prague is not too difficult. Locating these machines can be a challenge, but as soon as you are there you just have to follow my guide and you will have your cash in your wallet in no time.

You can support me using the following BTC address: 1D6qYk7mWQFE1K5tUgqimjiCLT66AHdyNX

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