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Testing a Bitcoin ATM in Kraków, Poland

Author: LB 2020-09-14 72

Kraków is a city located in South-Poland and last time when I visited this fabulous city I discovered a few Bitcoin ATMs. I was interested in the differences between the machines in Poland and the ones in other parts of Europe. I have already tested a few of these ATMs in Vienna, Bratislava and Prague and it turned out that most of these machines can be operated in a very similar fashion, however there are some differences and I am going to shed some light on this for you with my Bitcoin ATM guide supplemented with colourful photos.

Poland has a border with Slovakia and I thought that the two countries have similar culture. This turned out to be true and even in terms of cryptocurrencies, Poland has similarities if you compare the machines with the Slovakian ones.

Most of the Bitcoin ATMs in Poland are manufactured by Lamassu and this is also true for some of the devices in Slovakia. On the other hand though, in Hungary and Austria most of the machines are delivered by General Bytes.

If you want to purchase cryptos, both of these manufactures provide excellent solutions for you. The same is true when you want to sell cryptocurrency to withdraw cash.

So my first journey was to the main railway station in Kraków to test the first Bitcoin ATM in this city. For this purpose I used the following Google Maps:

The main railway station has its entrance from a shopping mall. You will have to look for this entrance:

The main railway station in Kraków.

The machine is operated by flyingatom and you will have to go down to the lowest floor in this building and you will find the Bitcoin ATM on the right.

A Bitcoin ATM in Kraków.

So first of all, let's see how do we purchase Bitcoins using this machine. At first you will see a Polish screen, but you can set in to English.

Let's press the "Buy Bitcoin" button:

Buying Bitcoin in Kraków.

In the next step I will accept the terms and conditions:

The terms and conditions.

You have to scan your digital wallet's QR code and you also have to insert some Polish money into the Bitcoin ATM.

I tried to buy Bitcoins for 100 zloty this time.

Insert your money now!

In a few seconds you will receive your cryptocurrency and the application will notify you in the following way:

The Bitcoins I received.

You must have noticed that I had to register no private information so the transaction was completely anonymous.

For example when you are using a Bitcoin ATM in Hungary you have to register your phone number, but this time in Poland this step was not necessary.

The ATM will display the following screen upon successful transaction:

Successful transaction.

You can use a money exchange program to convert your 100 Polish zloty into USD for example and using the current market rate, I got the following value:

Exchanging money.

If you are using a digital wallet, you can see how much do your cryptos worth in USD and with this little calculation you can kind of estimate the transaction fees of this ATM.

The Bitcoin I received.

I calculated a 3 USD transaction cost this time, which is definitely not extreme.

It was relatively easy to use this machine. I could purchase my coins in less than 3 minutes with this Bitcoin ATM so I would recommend this place to anyone visiting Kraków.

If your are interested in more guides like this, be sure to check out my articles on Bitcoin ATMs from Salzburg, Košice, Bratislava, Budapest and Prague .

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