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Withdrawing cash from a Bitcoin ATM in Salzburg, Austria

Author: LB 2020-09-09 139

If you are using a modern Bitcoin ATM you usually have two options. One is to purchase cryptocurrencies for cash and you can also withdraw cash from a Bitcoin ATM. If you are a crypto trader or you have a cryptocurrency mine these machines come extremely handy, because sometimes you want to exchange your cryptos into cash and pay certain expense. If you are using these machines to sell your cryptos, the machine will dispense cash in local currency. So this means that in Austria you will get Euros, in Hungary you can withdraw Hungarian Forints and so on. So this time, let's see a simple example to demonstrate the convenience of a Bitcoin ATM in Austria.

These machines can be found in major Austrian cities. I have uploaded an article recently on how to use a Bitcoin ATM in Vienna and this one will be very similar to that one. If you are taking a train from Vienna to Salzburg you will have to chance to enjoy a panoramic scenery from the train so it's definitely worth the time!

The device, operated by Kurant is located not too far from the main train station in Salzburg:

It is not easy to find this Bitcoin ATM, because it is hidden a shopping mall that looks like this:

The Bitcoin ATM in Salzburg.

If you enter the shopping mall you have to turn left and you will find this machine:

A Bitcoin ATM in Salzburg.

This machine supports both English and German and since I don't speak German (yet) I switched to English and I touched the "Sell" button.

The Sell button.

You then have to accept the Terms and Conditions, unfortunately all in German...

The Terms and Conditions.

Next, you have to use the upper limit of your transaction. This time I tried to withdraw 50 Euros so I selected "Less than 250 EU"

Specifying the range.

And then you have to set the amount you want to sell:

I set 50 Euros this time.

You can register your phone number in the following way, but this is not necessary:

Registering your phone number is optional.

If you have done so, the operator will notify you of your successful transaction.

Then the machine prints out a receipt and you have to use your digital wallet to read the QR code on the receipt.

The receipt.

Then I transferred 62.94 USD to the device:

Transferring Bitcoins.

This was all done at night and I was too tired to wait for the transaction to be confirmed so I went back to my hotel and waited until next morning.

If you have a receipt, you have to choose the Redeem Ticket option:

The Redeem Ticket option.

And you have to scan your QR code in the following way:

Scanning the QR code.

If you have done everything according to this guide, the Bitcoin ATM should dispense your cash.

Withdrawing cash from a Bitcoin ATM in Austria.

You might have noticed that unlike in Budapest this transaction was completely anonymous. This means that a single digital wallet hash suffices if you want to withdraw you cash. You don't have to reveal any kind of personal information when you are using these Bitcoin ATMs in Austria.

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