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Withdrawing cash in Prague from a Bitcoin ATM

Author: LB 2020-08-24 193

When you invest in cryptos you might also want to convert them into cash, because still not many places accept cryptocurrency if you want to pay for goods or services. The best option is to use cryptocurrency ATMs and there are plenty of them all around the world. I keep travelling in Europe and to make my sightseeing tours more interesting I visit places with Bitcoin ATMs so that I can test them and show you the peculiarities of a Bitcoin transaction. The Czech capital, Prague has many of these machines and this is indeed a place for crypto-enthusiasts. I really appreciate the fact that you don't have to register you phone number when you are using these machines in the city.

So mainly, I was interested in these ATMs, because I have already tried a few machines in Hungary and Vienna. It turned out that some functions are exactly the same, but there were also differences when it comes to buying or selling Bitcoin with these ATMs.

This was the third location I could use a Bitcoin machine and I was able to withdraw 1000 Czech crowns without revealing any personal information, except for the hash address of my e-wallet from

I looked up the directions using Google Maps in the following way:

Look for a shopping mall with an entrance like this:

A shopping mall in Prague with a Bitcoin ATM inside.

You have to ascend to floor -1 using this escalator:

The escalator.

The cryptocurrency ATM looks like this:

Bitcoin ATM in Prague.

Since you want to withdraw cash, you have to sell your Bitcoins to the machine. Therefore you should use the "Sell Bitcoin" option as I have done it:

Selling Bitcoin in Prague.

I wanted to withdraw 1000 Czech crowns so I set the amount accordingly:

Withdrawing 1000 Czech crowns in Prague.

The transaction was successful and the machine has printed a receipt, which you can see on the right side of the following image:

The transaction was over.

This is the receipt the Bitcoin ATM prints out for you. Luckily, everything is written in English so you don't have to struggle to much to understand its content.

The receipt in Englsih.

You have to use your wallet application to scan the QR code you find on this receipt and this will send you the required amount of Bitcoins to the target address:

Transferring Bitcoin to the machine.

The BTCs are sent:

Bitcoins sent.

And you can see that the 47.11 USD equals to roughly 1041 Czech crowns using the current rate, so this means that I had to pay approximately 41 Czech crowns to realize this transaction.

Converting the transferred BTC.

Okay, so how do we get our cash? This is also easy. You just have to scan the QR code on the receipt using the machine's QR code scanner and you will be able to withdraw your cash. If you try it right after you had received the receipt you will see the following error message:

Error message if you are trying to early.

As soon as the transaction has been validate (I waited for 1 hour) the ATM will dispense your cash in the following way:

Dispensing Czech crowns.

And the machine will notify you:

Withdrawing cash in the Czech republic.

That was it for this time. You can see that withdrawing cash in the Czech capital is not too difficult and these machines work almost flawlessly. I highly recommend these Bitcoin ATMs in Prague, especially if you don't want to carry too much cash with you when you are travelling in this country.

You can support me using the following BTC address: 1D6qYk7mWQFE1K5tUgqimjiCLT66AHdyNX

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