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Benchmarking the latest Nvidia RTX A2000

Author: LB 2021-12-09 1199

Low power consumption and high performance. These are the two things we’d like to see on a graphic card’s specification leaflet. The latest Nvidia RTX A2000 seems like a good candidate to satisfy both of these requirements. It shows great performance in gaming PCs and it can also be used in ethereum mines. Now let’s see the exact numbers and shed some light upon the RTX A2000!

According to the official Nvidia page these cards come with either 6Gb or 12Gb of memory. The most interesting part, especially for cryptocurrency miners is it’s incredibly low 70W power consumption (TDP).

The following report is mainly based on the numbers presented in the next video: Our fellow user bought the card in Japan for 67.375 Yen and using the current exchange rate in December, 2021 we conclude that he paid roughly 600 USD for the card. The card’s weight is 300g according to the video.

The A2000 features 3228 CUDA cores and it connects to the motherboard via a PCIE 4.0 bus. The 3060 and the Nvidia A2000 have very similar structures but their performance differs greatly. Another huge difference is that you don’t need to attach an additional power cable to the card from your PSU as the motherboard can supply enough power to the board directly.

Using Cinebench R15 on a Ryzen 5 5600X CPU, the card produces a performance of 308fps, while the RTX 3060 is able to create 244 frames per second only. This also means that in the benchmark the A2000 and the A4000 exhibit similar performance indexes.

Further doing an FF14 and an FF15 benchmark it turns out that the A2000’s performance is much worse than the Geforce 1660Ti.

The A2000 card is also perfect if you want to mine ethereum on it. The official data says that the mining performance is at 42Mh per second at 65W, but the Youtuber’s result is at 70W and 40Mh/s. Thermal throttling seems to switch on at 90 degrees and ethereum mining keeps the fan busy.

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