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Buying Bitcoin in Prague

Author: LB 2020-08-22 1097

It is pretty easy to buy Bitcoin in Prague. You just have to find a Bitcoin ATM in the city and you can purchase cryptocurrencies without revealing your personal information. However, it is not too easy to find the machines, because even though you can find the on Google Maps you have to find its exact location by yourself.

I visited a Bitcoin machine yesterday in the capital of Czech Republic and I have posted that article on this site. On the second day of my trip I decided to check out another location and I tried to purchase Bitcoins using a Bitcoin ATM there as well.

Locating the machine using Google Maps was pretty easy, but I had to go around the area a little bit and mostly because this was a local market with specialties from the different parts of the country I spent some time here.

So this place is a purchase point for the Czech alaza and if you want to purchase Bitcoin here, look for this entrace:

Bitcoin ATM in Prague.

The machine looks like this inside the building:

Bitcoin ATM in Prague to purchase cryptos.

I figured it out that this is a two-way machine, so this means that you can not only buy Bitcoins here but you can sell your cryptos for real cash here. If you have Bitcoins for example you can withdraw Czech crowns from this machine.

So let me show you to way to buy cryptos from this machine. This is very similar to what I had done in Vienna and in Budapest.

Bitcoin ATM in the capital of the Czech Republic.

You have to press "OK" here and all this policy is in Czech so I had no idea what it says.

Usage policy.

And you can also see that this transaction will cost 100 Czech crowns...

Let's choose the desired currency. I had Czech crowns so I tried to purchase cryptos with this currency.

Choosing Czech crowns.

And this is how you should insert your banknote into the machine.

Purchasing Bitcoin in Prague.

The machine will display a statistic on this transaction and you just have to confirm that everything is alright.

Buying Bitcoin in Prague.


Successful transaction.

And I got this notification in my e-wallet:

BTC arrived.

So this was not too difficult, but because of the transaction fees I think it is more expedient to purchase larger amounts, because it would be good to minimize these fees. I was also happy to witness the fact that there is a widespread network of Bitcoin ATMs all around Europe. Stay tuned for the next post!

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