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How to keep mining ethereum on 4Gb GPUs?

Author: LB 2021-04-22 1873

As the DAG size is increasing, mining ethereum on 4Gb cards is becoming less profitable. The are many rumors on the Internet regarding the discontinuation of ethereum mining on 4Gb cards, as the DAG size has already exceeded 4Gb. Nevertheless, the situation is somewhat better, than what we would think when first glancing at the issue. Fortunately, mining is still possible even if you have a video card with less memory than the DAG size. Let's see how to rectify this issue.

So if you have a GPU with 4Gb of memory, you can still mine ethereum on it, but expect to squeeze less profit from it. The reason for this is the following. If the DAG size exceeds the amount of memory your GPU has, some part of the transaction data you're trying to validate will be stored in the shared system memory. This will result in a overhead, because the CPU has to take care of this constant data transfer between the video card and the DDR RAM. Even if we say that ethereum mining is still possible on 4Gb GPUs, their hashrate has already been declining in the past few months. Expect the same tendency in the upcoming months if you have insufficient memory.

Yesterday, I was looking for a solution to this problem and when I found a Russian Youtuber called Roman Tomera. In his video, he talks about the way he replaced his memory chips on his video cards to turn 4Gb cards into 8Gb ones. Unfortunately, all his videos are in Russian and none of them seem to have English subtitles so if you don't speak Russian it won't be easy to comprehend what he is saying. Long story short, what he did was nothing more than just simply replacing his memory modules to increase the GPU memory from 4Gb to 8Gb. By doing so, he managed to increase his hashrate from the original 21 Mh/s to 28Mh/s. This is the video I'm talking about:

If you're wondering where to get these memory modules from, he mentions that he used the famous Chinese online store giant, Aliexpress. Also, don't forget that ethereum miners already realized this tendency, back in 2020 so the quick-witted ones have already done this upgrade and Chinese manufacturers have already recalibrated their prices as a reply to the increased demand. Don't forget to figure out by yourself whether it's worth playing around with the memory modules, because you might end up paying more for the chips than for a brand new mining card.

If you're a hardware expert, replacing the modules is easy. You need to have the necessary equipment to do the job, but it's not impossible. There is a great tutorial video on YouTube on this topic. This GPU expert from Krasnodar will show you the necessary steps to replace your memory modules on a RX 470 4Gb Sapphire. He used the following hardware to do the replacement: GDDR5 Samsung: K4G80325FB, Hynix: H5GQ8H24MJR, Micron: MT51J256M32HFB.

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