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How to purchase Bitcoin in Bratislava without registering your phone number

Author: LB 2020-08-26 1047

One of the destinations I checked out recently is Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. I visited this city to find out whether it is possible to purchase Bitcoin without registering my phone number and I also wanted to compare these machines to the ones I found in Vienna, in Prague and in Budapest. If you have a crypto mining business, your receive your salary in cryptocurrency or you are simply a cryptocurrency enthusiast, then this post is for you!

So first of all, I used Google Maps to find out the locations of Bitcoin ATMs in Bratislava and it turned out that there are a handful of these machines in the city. When I got off the train, I decided to check out the ATM that is the closest to the train station only to find out that this machine does not even exist anymore.

Don't expect that the machines will always be there, because things can change and operators can remove these whenever they want to do so.

So my next destination was a nearby ATM, where I could find the actual shop, but it was already closed and they were renovating the place. You might have to read the comments on Google Maps to find out the current status of the machines, because users share their experiences regularly and this could help you to avoid going to places in vain.

So this is the machine I was able to use in August, 2020:

The device is in a courtyard of a building that looks like this:

The location of a Bitcoin ATM manufactured by Lamassu in Bratislava.

You have to enter the building using the main entrance and the ATM will be on the right. The machines I have introduced so far in the Czech Republic, in Budapest and in Vienna are manufactured by General Bytes and they look a bit different. Lamassu is currently registered in Switzerland and they specialize in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency manufacturing.

1. Bitcoin ATMs from Lamassu

If you check out the website of Lamassu you can see that their cheapest model, Gaia sells for 3700 EU. If you are looking for a more expensive one with sleek design, you need 5000 EU to purchase a Sintra (6700 EU for the two-way model) and I guess this was the one I tried in Bratislava. They have a similar model called Sintra Forte, which is 7100 EU and a more compact one called Douro II, which sells for 4500 EU. Note that delivery is not included in these prices and their website says that you have to week 8 weeks until the product arrives.

These machines are usually two-way devices and this means that you can both buy and sell your cryptos using them. The ATMs support the following currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Zcash and Dash.

If you purchase one of these ATMs from Lamassu you will get a back end that will help you in tweaking the machine's parameters. With that you can set transactions cost and you can also upload your machine's location onto the CoinATMRadar database to make sure that your potential customers can locate your device.

2. How to use the ATM?

Alright, I will show you how to use the ATM in Bratislava from Lamassu. This machine speaks both English and Slovakian, but as I don't really speak Slovakian I choose English.

So let's buy some Bitcoins:

Buying Bitcoins in Bratislava.

I love how elegant the control panel of this ATM is. No unnecessary text, only information you need. Here you can see its fixed cost:

Fixed cost of purchasing Bitcoin in Bratislava.

The fixed cost is only 1.5 EU. I don't think this is significant. I have already scanned the QR code of my e-wallet and the machine asked me to insert my 50 EU banknote.

Let me insert the banknote in the following way:

Inserting 50 EU into the machine.

If the banknote gets detected the ATM should show this screen

Bitcoin transaction in Bratislava.

No BS. The ATM does what it needs to do. I noticed that for example the machines from General Bytes tend to display text using both the local language and English. There was no such problem with this ATM from Lamassu.

At the end, the ATM thanks us the transaction. What a polite machine! And I did not have to register my phone number. Nothing to reveal my identity. I needed my wallet's QR code and that was it.

Successful transaction in Bratislava.

And finally let's see the results. I can use my e-wallet application to so how much USD they transferred. It was 56.12:

The amount of Bitcoin they transferred.

And if I exchanged it using the current market rate into Euros:

Bitcoin/USD in EU.

I got 47.49 so there was a 5% skew compared to my 50 EU banknote and this was the cost of this transaction. If you are using larger amounts this would decrease a little bit.

All in all, I enjoyed using this machine and I would be glad to see more of these Lamassu ATMs across Europe. Because of their design, their usability and their reliability. I Have never seen a BTC transaction that was as quick as this one. Don't forget to check this place out when you are in Bratislava!

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