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How to withdraw money from a Bitcoin ATM in Kraków, Poland

Author: LB 2020-09-14 1916

Today I had the chance to test another cryptocurrency ATM. One of the most interesting questions when it comes to Bitcoin ATMs is whether it is possible to withdraw money from them. The short answer is yes. This time I visited a location in Kraków to find out how these machines work and I documented my exploration so that you can also find these machines and withdraw money selling your cryptocurrencies. The device I am going to introduce here is located in the building of the main railway station of Kraków and the it was fairly easy to use, but still I found some troublesome steps when I tried to withdraw money here so I decided to create a little guide for my readers.

So let's find out how Bitcoin ATMs in Poland work! If you are arriving by train to Kraków you will not have to walk too much, because this Bitcoin ATM operated by flyingatom is located in a corridor between the main railway station and a shopping mall. For convenience let me share the following Google Maps with you:

And you will have to look for this entrance:

The entrance of the shopping mall where the Bitcoin ATM is.

You will have to go down to the lowest floor, because the machine has been installed here:

You will find the machine on the right.

I wanted to sell my cryptos to withdraw cash so I had to press the Sell Bitcoin button.

Selling Bitcoin in Poland.

Now you have to choose the transaction amount. I was trying with 100 zloty.

Choosing the amount to be withdrawn.

And then you have to push the "Cash Out" button if you want to withdraw your cash from this machine.

The Cash Out button.

The following step was something I have not seen before. I had to verify the transaction either with short messages or with my e-mail address.

Registering my contact data.

So you have two options to choose from. For me e-mail was fine, I registered my e-mail address and they sent me a verification code.

The verification code when you want to withdraw cash from this machine in Poland.

When I entered this code the machine displayed to following screen:

The Bitcoin transaction.

You just have to scan this QR using your digital wallet and you have to send the requested amount of Bitcoins to the machine.

Selling Bitcoins in Poland.

I did everything according to the instructions and I transferred the cryptocurrency.

Transferring Bitcoin in Kraków.

The Bitcoin ATM will notify you of the successful transaction in the following way:


You have to wait for a little while until your transaction gets verified on the blockchain and you will also receive an e-mail if you register your e-mail address.

In a few minutes I received the following e-mail:

This is the e-mail I received in Kraków.

Since I was in Kraków, where the official language is Polish I received the e-mail in Polish and I had no idea what it was saying. Anyway I thought it was time for me to go back to the machine and withdraw my cash.

I think it said somewhere that you have to push the button at the bottom right part of the machine so I did so.

Withdrawing cash in Kraków.

The machine will display the same verification screen and I guessed that I had to input my e-mail address I used previously. This was correct and everything seemed to work flawlessly.

The verification screen.

The following step was to input a verification code received in an e-mail sent by the Bitcoin ATM. I did so.

Using the verification code.

If you did everything according to the instructions, the machine should dispense your cash. This is what happened to me.

You can withdraw your 100 zloty bill from the lower part of the machine like this.

Successful transaction.

The machine will be very grateful if you follow its instructions.

The last screen.

If I understood well, the ATM requested my e-mail address not because it wanted to know more about my identity, but because otherwise it would have been impossible to verify the recipient. As we all know transactions on the blockchain take time to be verified and the Bitcoin ATM has to wait for this too. If you leave the machine and you go back after some time it will have to identify you somehow. I felt that in Budapest, the machines ask for your personal information for the sole purpose of uncovering your identity and to prevent money laundering suspicious activities. Let's be honest, if you have an e-mail account completely independent of you, I mean you have never ever used your name or official address, then nobody could ever connect the dots. Using your phone number is a little bit more sensitive I guess. For this reason I find it extremely important to follow crypt related regulations across Europe and to stay up to date in the world of cryptocurrency ATMs.

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