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Nvidia CMP 50HX is doing well in Russia

Author: LB 2021-11-04 543

Not so long after the debut of the CMP mining chips, Russian miners are already testing the Nvidia CMP 50HX card for cryptocurrency mining. Serega Soleniy is one of the most famous Russian miner on YouTube and he has been actively contributing to the cryptocurrency mining community with his frequent uploads. CMP 50HX is not easy to find, but he has done great efforts to get hold of this novel mining equipment and to show his viewers what this card is capable of. Now let’s see his results.

The GPU chip itself that is responsible for mining cryptocurrencies labeled as TU102. The same chip was used in the 2080ti series, according to the Russian miner. So the technology itself is not new, most likely it has only been tweaked to mine crypto more efficiently.

The best settings to mine ethereum with CMP 50HX

There are several parameters that can be tweaked in Hive OS to find the most optimal settings when mining ethereum. According to the video, he was able to squeeze out 56.57 MH/s with 225 watts (192W in the software) of electricity consumption. The Lock Core Clock was set to 1095 MHz, the Memory Clock to 2000, the Fan to 70% and he used no Power Limit. With these settings the GPU was mining ethereum at 41°C.

How much is the Nvidia CMP 50HX card?

According to the Youtuber’s data, the card cost 7000 CNY in Shenzhen or roughly 1100 USD. This is around 78.000 Russian rubles. However if you wanted to buy the card in Russia, you’d have to pay 125.000 RUB. Unfortunately, right now it’s not easy to travel to China, because there is a 2 week compulsory detainment in a COVID quarantine, so buying the Nvidia CMP 50HX in China is not straightforward. If you can buy the card in China, you can recover your investment in 280 days and if you buy the card in Russia, then you need 438 days to do the same thing.

Mining ERG with Nvidia CMP 50HX

The card produces 112.5 MH/s with the latest t-rex miner and the chip’s temperature is around 39°C when mining ergo. The power consumption of the CMP chip is around 118W.

Mining CFX with Nvidia CMP 50HX

The CFX mining algorithm produces 58.47 MH/s when using the CMP 50HX chip. The card consumes 176W of electric power when mining conflux.

Mining ravencoin with Nvidia CMP 50HX

The KAWPOW algorithm produces 29.54MH/s when running on the CMP 50HX chip and the card consumes around 200W.

Mining FLUX with Nvidia CMP 50HX

The equihash algorithm produces 60.4Sol/s with the CMP 50HX chip and it consumes around 208 watts of electric power.

Mining FIRO with Nvidia CMP 50HX

You can mine FIRO with Nvidia CMP 50HX at 30.39 MH/s with the firopow algorithm. In this case the power consumption is slightly increased and it draws roughly 250W from the wall.

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