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Profiling RTX 3080 Ti for mining ethereum

Author: LB 2022-01-17 682

One of the most important parameters is the amount of electric power we allow our GPU to draw from the wall. This variable can be controlled with changing the Power Limit (PL) parameter. In this short guide I perform a simple measurement on how the ethereum mining hashrate changes when we tune this value. I have a very simple setup using a Geforce RTX 3080 Ti Founders Edition and I am benchmarking the ethash algorithm to find the optimal PL value. Now let’s see the details.

For this measurement I downloaded the latest t-rex miner and I used nvidia-smi to tune the power limit of my GPU. I had to wait until t-rex miner passed the DAG file calculation stage, otherwise setting PL from nvidia-smi had no effect. So I used three constants to set timings. One was for setting the amount of time to wait until nvidia-smi changes PL, the second specified the length of the calculation and thirdly I used a constant to specify the amount of time my program had to wait between two benchmark points to ensure that the GPU core has completely cooled down. The three constants I used here were: 20 seconds, 90 seconds and 60 seconds respectively. Below are my results for a Geforce RTX 3080 Ti card to gain some insight on the relationship between PL and ethereum mining performance:

PL vs. hashrate on Geforce RTX 3080 Ti Founders Edition when mining ethereum

I realized that t-rex miner switches to LHR 73.5 when mining ethereum on the latest 3080 Ti Founders Edition. We see that mining performance increases with increasing PL from 180W to 240W, however further increasing the amount of power drawn by the GPU from the wall socket has no effect on the mining performance. Without changing the memory transfer rate, the core clock and the voltage settings, the latest t-rex miner with partial LHR unlocker reaches roughly 76 MH/s for mining ethereum. If you compare this with the mining efficiency of the RTX 3060 Ti card from How does power limit influence mining performance? you can also conclude that the RTX 3060 Ti performs much better.

When you make a comparison with the RTX 3090 card, which performs at 107 MH/s with 280W with no overclocking, we find that the Geforce RTX 3080 Ti card mines ethereum with less power efficiency. The next step will be to see how changing the core clock and the memory transfer rate optimizes the ethereum mining performance.

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