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Reporting on the performance of Nvidia RTX A4000

Author: LB 2021-12-10 802

Lower energy consumption and higher performance. These are the two main things GPU manufacturers are targeting these days. The Nvidia RTX A4000 is a prominent model to empower HPC clusters and cryptocurrency mines. Reports on its performance appeared on video sharing sites and we’re in a position to share the numbers on how powerful this card is. Now let’s see some details on this number crunching monster!

Most of the data reported below is taken from a Japanese Youtuber. Check out the following link if you’re interested in the actual footage:

First of all let’s see the card’s performance when it encodes 4K videos. For comparison, video conversion took 10:35 on an RTX 3080 and it took 10:02 to encode the same video file on the RTX A4000. For this task the RTX A4000 exhibits comparable performance to the RTX 3080.

Benchmarking the card with Cinebench to measure its FPS produced 315 frames per second. An RTX 3060 runs with 244 fps, while an RTX 3070 FE gives you 241 fps.

Mining ethereum on the RTX A4000

With core frequency set to 1050 MHz, core volt to 756mV and the memory frequency to 7971 the card consumes roughly 130W and the reported ethereum mining hashrate fluctuates around 60~61Mh/s. With this setting, even if the fans are working at 100% the VRAM temperature reaches 90 degrees and this is already the range where thermal throttling kicks in. For this reason the card needs additional cooling when utilized for mining ethereum.

If you’re wish to see a similar benchmark on RTX A2000, check out the following link: Benchmarking the latest Nvidia RTX A2000.

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