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The CMP 170HX chip is producing world record hashrates in Russia

Author: LB 2021-11-05 1054

One of the most powerful mining chips from Nvidia is available for GPU miners. The CMP 170HX card is producing incredible hashrates, according to the manufacturer. It is interesting to see how much these numbers correlate to real world performance. The card can be purchased for $4310 and it has been benchmarked recently with several currencies. Now let's see the details!

Serega Soleniy has been contributing to the cryptocurrency mining world very actively in the past month. He released a very useful video on mining with the latest Nvidia CMP chip. Anyone who understands Russian can see his content using the following link:

One of the most important part of his findings was that the card itself gets hot very easily. Even if you're planing to mine Ethereum with this new CMP card, you'll need to take care of its cooling.

The card has no HDMI ports and it can only be used for mining. Miners have to consider the risk of being unable to sell the card if the currently profitable ethereum mining comes to an end. No one can tell what the GPU prices will be after the beacon chain takes over the entire ethereum network and when users are no longer able to mine PoW based ethereum. Fortunately the CMP 170HX chip is not only great for ethereum mining. It mines other coins like ravencoin and ergo with impressive hashrates. Now let's see these hashrate results!

1. Mining ethereum with the CMP 170HX chip

The card initially mines ethereum with 163.28 MH/s, however the core gets extremely hot. The core temperature with no additional cooling is around 81°C and the memory temperature is around 90°C. The electricity consumption according to the output of the mining software is 249W.

With additional cooling, the core temperature can be decreased to 55°C. By tweaking the memory frequency and the PL parameters it is possible to produce 1.68 MH for every watt consumed. This performance is amazing in 2021. With the current difficulty parameter in ethereum and the current market price the chip mines roughly $360 in a month.

2. Mining ergo with the CMP 170HX chip

The autolykos2 miner for ergo produces 334 MH/s and the chip consumes only 169 watts. The best Lock Core Clock setting is around 1411. With this value the hashrate increases to 419.3 MH/s. At this point the chip consumes around 278 watts. The profitability for ergo in this regime is roughly $200 for a month.

3. Mining ravencoin with the CMP 170HX chip

The kawpow miner for ravencoin produces 47 MH/s at 55°C with the default settings. If you change the clock to 1401 MHz the card gets overheated, but its hashrate also increases to 56 MH/s. Make sure you install a more powerful cooling system. With the current difficulty parameter and the current rvn market price, the CMP 170HX chip gives you roughly $180 profit in a month.

4. Mining CFX with the CMP 170HX chip

The octopus miner for CFX produces 55.65 MH/s and consumes around 143 watts. It is advised to increase the Lock Core Clock to 1410 if you want to achieve higher hashrates for CFX. With this setting the card should produce 71.39 MH/s for conflux. The power consumption is roughly 250 watts for CFX.

5. Mining beam with the CMP 170HX chip

If you set the Lock Core Clock to 1410 MHz, the beam mining algorithm should produce 49.5 Sol/s and the core temperature will be around 60°C.

6. Mining Ycash with the CMP 170HX chip

The chip should produce 69.3 Sol/s for Ycash with the default settings, but if you play around the the memory clock, you can reach 83 Sol/s.

7. Mining firo with the CMP 170HX chip

The chip should produce 5.5 Mh/s for firo with the Lock Core Clock set to 1410.

8. Mining bitcoin gold with the CMP 170HX chip

The chip should produce 145.7 Sol/s for BTG with the Lock Core Clock set to 1410 and it consumes roughly 280 watts of electricity.

9. Mining ctxc with the CMP 170HX chip

The chip should produce 3.21 g/s for CTXC with the cuckaroo30 algorithm.

10. Mining ryo with the CMP 170HX chip

The chip should produce 1.465 kH for RYO with the cryptonight algorithm. XMR Stak seems to be mining ryo smoothly in Hive OS.

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