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Two-way Bitcoin ATM in Vienna, Austria

Author: LB 2020-08-20 880

We are still limited when it comes to travel options even though the coronavirus pandemic seemed to cease for a while. Travel restrictions in the European Union are lifted in some countries and this was the case for Austria, so I had the chance to travel from Hungary to the capital of Austria to check out the Bitcoin ATM scenery in this beautiful city. Vienna provides many opportunities for those who want to travel and do business. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are prevalent in the city and the local government seem to be supportive when it comes to crypto related developments and innovation.

First of all let's see the way to purchase cryptos in Vienna using a Bitcoin ATM. I have already introduced a few machines in Budapest and this device will not be too different from those in Hungary. I arrived in Vienna at night on a Sunday so many of the shops were not even open. Therefore I reserved a room in a hotel and I started my reconnaissance on Monday morning.

The House of Nakamoto in Vienna, Austria.

One of the largest Bitcoin dealers can be found on the Maria-Theresien-Straße in Vienna. It has been christen "The House of Nakamoto" and you can see its actual location on the following map:

When we enter the store, the Bitcoin ATM is on the right and it is a very similar machine to its Hungarian siblings.

Bitcoin ATM in Vienna.

We can see that there are several currencies available in this machine, but as I only want to play around with BTC in Vienna, I chose the following icon on the screen:

Purchasing Bitcoin in Vienna.

Alright, in the ensuing section, I will show you how to purchase Bitcoin in the capital of Austria, Vienna. First of all you have to choose the amount of Bitcoin you want to purchase. I am not a high-roller, so let's go for less than 250 EU.

Buying Bitcoin in Vienna.

I wanted to buy Bitcoin in Vienna for only 20 EU today and this is how I inserted the banknote into the machine.

Inserting a euro banknote into the Bitcoin ATM in Vienna.

We can ascertain of the fact that the machine has detected our banknote and we can also see the equivalent amount of BTC the machine will transfer into our account.

Displaying the equivalent amount of BTC.

Let's press the green button in the following way:

This is how you buy BTC in Vienna.

The transaction was successful and the machine shows us the following screen:

A successful BTC purchase in Vienna, Austria.

You can get a printed receipt from the machine, but unfortunately everything is written in German so I understood none of it. I turned to the assistant in the shop to ask for clarification and he said that I will have to wait for approximately 40 minutes for the transaction to be verified.

Buying Bitcoin in Vienna.

And this is basically how it happened. Following 20 minutes of idle doing-nothing the BTC landed in my e-wallet and I received a notification from the application. What a convenient system!

This is the BTC I received.

What was the major difference when I used the Bitcoin ATM in Vienna?

Complete anonymity. I don't think you have noticed, but unlike in Budapest, I had to input no phone number. Therefore my identity during the transaction was completely hidden. I love this! When you use the Bitcoin ATM in Vienna, there is no need for this kind of cumbersome identification process. You insert your banknotes, wait for a few minutes and the BTC is there. This is even better than using an exchange, isn't it? Stay tuned for the next post.

You can support me using the following BTC address: 1D6qYk7mWQFE1K5tUgqimjiCLT66AHdyNX

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