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What is the current DAG size in the ethereum network?

Author: LB 2021-11-04 959

The DAG size is a very important parameter for cryptocurrency miners. You need to have a GPU with more memory space than the current DAG size in order to mine ethereum effectively. In the following table I try to collect the DAG size I measure with my ethereum miners.

I am currently mining ethereum with an Nvidia rtx 3090 GPU and I am using ethminer 0.19.0-17 compiled from source as a mining software.

I launch the miner (almost) every day to generate the transaction DAG from the ethereum network. The miner detects 22.95 GB of memory, which is more than enough to store the DAG file, at least for now. I start my statistics at epoch 451 on 2021-11-04. Here are the results:

The ethereum DAG size in 2021



Mining difficulty

DAG size

Time to generate


25/11/2021 456 8.73 Gh 4.63 GB 8.807 ms (Limburg)
10/11/2021 453 8.73 Gh 4.61 GB 8.807 ms (Frankfurt)
09/11/2021 452 8.73 Gh 4.60 GB 8.993 ms (Frankfurt)
08/11/2021 452 8.73 Gh 4.60 GB 8.620 ms (Frankfurt)
07/11/2021 452 8.73 Gh 4.60 GB 8.8430 ms (Limburg)
06/11/2021 452 8.73 Gh 4.60 GB 9.162 ms (Frankfurt)
05/11/2021 451 8.73 Gh 4.59 GB 8.562 ms (Limburg)
04/11/2021 451 8.73 Gh 4.59 GB 8.535 ms (Limburg)

As the current DAG size in ethereum has already surpassed the 4 GB level, you need at least 6-8 GB of VRAM on your GPU to mine.

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