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What is the DAG size in the ravencoin network?

Author: LB 2021-11-05 1124

The DAG file size parameter is very important for GPU miners. As soon as the size of the directed acyclic graph (DAG) has surpassed the size of your GPU memory you are no longer able to mine without applying modifications to your software or hardware. Ravencoin seems to be the second most popular cryptocurrency for miners and I decided to document the change in the DAG size, so that fellow miners can use this page and check whether ravencoin mining is still feasible.

Unfortunately, nbminer did not display the DAG size so I had to compile the original kawpow miner from source. You can do the same thing from the following Github link:

So far I had only good experience with 2miners, so I'm using their servers to mine ravencoin. In this example I'm mining ravencoin on two GPUs. My Nvidia RTX 3090 produces around 51.77 MH/s and my Nvidia RTX 3070Ti Founders Edition mines ravencoin with 35.25 MH/s.

The ravencoin DAG size in 2021



Mining difficulty

DAG size

Time to generate


25/11/2021 271 4.295 Gh 3.12 GB 5.909 ms (Roubaix)
08/11/2021 267 4.29 Gh 3.13 GB 5.402 ms (Frankfurt)
07/11/2021 267 4.29 Gh 3.13 GB 5.601 ms (Frankfurt)
06/11/2021 267 4.29 Gh 3.13 GB 5.403 ms (Frankfurt)

As the current DAG size in ravencoin is still below the 4 GB level, you can mine with a 4GB GPU.

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