The motivation for creating this site

I spend most of my time in the capital of Hungary and this is a perfect place to travel around central Europe. I also found that the cryptocurrency scene in European countries differ very much and I decided to collect information regarding legal regulations in these countries.

My first step in the world of cryptos was testing cryptocurrency ATMs in Budapest, however I found that there are certain things I didn’t like. These were for example the high fixed fee and the fact that you have to register your phone number when using these machines. I wanted to find out whether these things are different in the surrounding countries, because as a European citizen, travelling to the neighbouring countries is not a big issue. I first traveled to Austria and then to Czechia to further test the European crypto machines. My surmise turned out to be reality, because I found machines in these countries that did not require my phone number upon withdrawing cash and their fees were significantly lower than of those in Hungary.

I keep travelling around Europe and I find it rewarding to share my experiences with the international community, because I believe that sharing these information really helps and encourages development in the fascinating world of cryptos.

Being CS graduate from a Japanese university I find it interesting to develop websites in various languages, therefore I launched in Japanese, in Hungarian and in Mandarin Chinese. Most of the content is written by me on these sites, but sometimes I do turn to native speakers of these languages for help.

There are a few relevant websites on the Internet continuously reporting on Japan and China, but I feel that their coverage is far from being comprehensive. In the future, I will try to find interesting facts mainly from the world of cryptos and Internet marketing from Asia and translate these to entertain and educate English speaking audiences.

If you would like to contact me please visit my LinkedIn profile and don’t hesitate to send me a private message there. I accept business enquiries too!